Post #47 President of the Sandbox

I’m a few hours from turning 65, so my memory of life when I was six faded long ago. That’s why I’m so grateful to President Trump for reminding me of what life was like in the sandbox while I was in kindergarten.

There was always one kid who was slightly bigger and more aggressive (and I later learned whose father was constantly beating the crap out of him even then) who would take your truck, declaring it was now his and daring you to take it back.

I should probably apologize to kindergarteners everywhere for ascribing the president’s behavior to their own, but it’s that same level of maturity that I now recall which we see every night with the president’s briefings. It’s clear that the entire White House is just one big sandbox with Trump in the middle of it, stealing everyone’s trucks.

What is amazing about it, is we see this behavior so often, it has almost lost its shock value. Last night, when the other kids decided to band together and ignore him, he had a tantrum and declared he was essentially the King (Louis IV?). He didn’t really mean it when he challenged the states to ignore him, he said last night, stamping his foot and crying.

It’s his sandbox, and he makes the rules! Why aren’t they listening to me.

It doesn’t work that way though, either in the Constitution or in kindergarten. Last night’s pronouncement was so hard to swallow that if it goes that far, I don’t think even Brett Kavanaugh could take in without barfing. I’m sure the White House staff is scrambling for a way out of this, how to give the president his chocolate milk and cookies and somehow, some way get him out of DC to his own sandbox in Mar-a-Lago, where he has his own gang of kids who don’t dare challenge his leadership and have no problem surrendering their toys when he demands them.

Funny how times have changed since 2017. Would any sane person *not* want him to spend his remaining time playing golf down there. Not only does it keep him far away from Washington where every day he commits and act that leaves untold amounts of damage in his wake. but he goes to a state where there are virtually no social-distancing rules, and of course he’s the biggest kid in the sandbox, and he can take anybody’s truck and not only will they not complain but they’ll worship him for it. 

Then, of course, he’ll take their milk and cookies.


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