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With theaters shuttered around the country and film festivals canceled, what's a film-goer to do? Here is a list of streaming services aimed at film lovers. Some of the festivals are even hosting their offerings online. The Library of Congress is also streaming movies. Some of the most historic films in its collection can be found on its site. Read about it here

Stuck at home and want to cut down on shopping by baking your own bread? Apparently, everyone else in the country has the same idea. On Amazon, a bottle of yeast is costing the same as the average monthly mortgage. The little packets are being traded as if they're gold commodities. It turns out, however, that with a little patience (ok, a lot of patience), you can make your own.

Not everyone in isolation can afford to do so in hotel rooms, so clearly what the Times is suggesting for coping isn't for everyone, but there is enough here so that most of us can find something useful while being stuck in the house.

Here's a plethora of advice, answers and tips regarding masks and their use, courtesy of The Wirecutter.

 How to Sew a Face Mask

This free book has a ton of advice for those who are working from home. 

This article in Science Daily says that the virus can leave on cardboard for 24 hours. See the Washington Post article listed below and decide for yourself. I'll keep digging for more information.

There is an app for that. Apple has a coronavirus app that might help you if you think you or someone you know has symptoms, along with other useful tips and tools.

 There is a lot of incredibly useful information in this video posted by someone whose hand I would like to shake one day,  Dr. David Price, of the Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York. It's not just his smart advice, it's his decency too.

Worried about packages and deliveries? This Washington Post piece might allay some fears.

I asked my Facebook friends how they were coping and what advice they had, here are some of their suggestions:
* daily walks
* playing the ukulele
*having pets, petting pets
* working
*meditation (one friend suggested the Web site
*listening to podcasts
*Reading. Several people have said they like to end their evening either watching or reading something unrelated to the news. Anything that makes  you laugh. If you have HBO, try Larry David.
*Some avoid the news all together.
* Many people find that watching New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's daily press conferences to be a kind of balm and a good reliable source for the latest information. This site will usually tell you the scheduled time of his press conference that day.

Certain areas of the East Coast can get fresh, but damaged or ugly vegetables that were rejected by grocery stores, shipped to your home. The company is called Misfit Market. Here's the link.

David Hinckley was by far my favorite cultural writer at The New York Daily News. He's now writing a regular column for Medium. Here are his excellent suggestions for binge watching.

Some great tips for parents of children with autism.

An excellent interview by Trevor Noah with Dr. Fauci 

Doctors are warning people to stay away from Ibuprofen, which apparently can increase the virus's strength. Ibruprophen is the generic term for Advil.


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