Positive News

4.6  A tuberculosis vaccine that has been used for a century is showing promise as a way of slowing the advancement of coronavirus in the body and speed up recovery. It is being tested on hundreds of healthcare workers in Melbourne, Australia, with data on the results expected in a few months.

4.6 This certainly isn't the way to go about it, but the pandemic 
has drastically reduced air pollution.

4.6 Of all the possible companies, who would have thought that Fujifilm may have discovered a treatment for Covid-19? One candidate is under widespread testing, and so far 
the results are encouraging. 

4.3 this is a bit old but fascinating nonetheless. Why not use robot technology to reduce risk among medical staff?

4.3 An anti-tuberculosis drug is being tested on healthcare professionals in Australia. Previous tests indicate that it might be helpful in if not preventing the virus, but bolstering the immune system to it.  

4.2 Florida company gears up for blood plasma treatment.

4.1 Chris Hayes reports on how coronavirus survivors could help save new patients.

3.31 Could a vaccine aimed at the elderly be ready in less than a year? One creator of the Ebola vaccine says it can.

3.31 3d printers at SUNY New Paltz are churning out hundreds of face masks a day

3.31 This industry source lists companies doing new work against the virus

3.30 The Times reports that Kinsa smart thermometers indicate when put in place, social restrictions reduce infections.

3.30 Italy's curve is finally flattening.

3.30 Despite Trump's complaints, GM is apparently retooling as quickly as it can to make ventilator, which should be arriving within a month, too late for many in New York but in the wake of the administration's delay, it's the best they can do.

3.30 Cigna and Humana are waiving coronavirus cost for their members.

3.29 The Rolls Royce of Ventilators? Yes, and Formula One races to help produce them. The question is, will the US get any of them?

3.29: Rudy Giuliani got thrown off Twitter.

3.28: This should be the new national anthem.

3.28 — Doctors in Italy have figured out a way to repurpose a snorkeling mask and use it as a ventilator. They've released the plans as well.

3.27 - French doctors are seeing positive results when giving moderately ill corona patients this medicine.

3.27 Once a hotspot, New Rochelle has apparently flattened the curve. Here's ho they did it.

3.27 — More inspiring remarks by Andrew Cuomo3.26 - This great moment from Andrew Cuomo's press conference.

3.26 Dyson, the vacuum guy, has invented a ventilator that can be produced in mass quantities very quickly. Here's the story.

3.26 This Harvard lab (run by an old friend) is doing some fantastic research into testing, treatments and cures.

3.26 This is how South Korea handled the virus, and it worked.

3.26 Hard not to love this tweet


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